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Is AWS Advanced Networking worth it?
Cloud services are becoming an accepted part in most enterprise information technology plans. This is because organizations are moving away from having their own network infrastructure and into hybrid or cloud-only setups. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most popular cloud service provider for enterprises, will be high up on their list. AWS is the market leader in public cloud infrastructure services with a share that is several times larger than Microsoft Azure, their next competitor.
Credentialed professionals with the ability to design and manage network configurations for AWS cloud solutions projects are in high demand. There are many AWS certifications available that can meet this need. AWS certifications cover a range of experience levels, from the Foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to mid-level Associate certs for SysOps administrators, developers, and SysOps administrators, to professional-level architect and DevOps engineers certifications. The AWS Professional level is not enough. There are also the extremely difficult specialty certifications in security, machine learning and Alexa skills building.
Let's look deeper at the AWS Certified Advanced Networking specialty certificate.
What is the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certification?
The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty is an expert-level certification that IT professionals can use to design and manage complex network systems that work on--or with--the AWS cloud platform.
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Start training This certification requires a deep understanding of advanced AWS, general networking, and network interconnectivity.
You should be familiar with the tools used to create automation scripts.
Amazon recommends that you have either an associate-level AWS certification or you already are certified as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

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